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Construction project leads in Thailand are taking off. Look no further than Bangkok, Thailand‘s capital city and home to the most historical and religious sites, to see all the construction occurring here.   With over a thousand building projects, this region is one of the most active in our construction database. Among the most known construction projects in Thailand are the Soonthareeya Ratchadamri, a luxurious residential construction project in Bangkok; the Kaset Phol Sugar Mills Upgrade in Udon Thani Province; and the Osotspa Office Building, a prime example of office development in Thailand. 
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Looking for Thailand construction leads? Our online database has all the information that you could ask for. Whether you’re on the hunt for great, quality construction leads in Bangkok, or anywhere else in Thailand, be part of the growing number of satisfied clients and try BCI today!
  1. Major Construction Projects in Bangkok

    From temples to skyscrapers, Thailand has a lot to offer in terms of unique and impressive construction. Some of the largest construction projects initiated in Thailand include the Elephant Building, a national landmark composed of three towers that, as the title suggests, make up the shape of an elephant; the Baiyoke Tower II in Bangkok’s Pratunam area, which stands at 84 storeys, or 343 metres tall; and the Sirindhorn dam project, a massive floating hydro-solar farm in Thailand’s north-eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani.

    Major construction projects in Bangkok are predominately mixed-use developments, such as One Bangkok, designed to be a fully integrated district that will be a landmark for the city. Other similar projects include Dusit Central Park, The Unicorn dan Park Silon.

    When it comes to generating construction leads, it’s as simple as subscribing to BCI LeadManager. With our project and company database, you can filter your search by location, category, stage and status, and value. In addition, access project information and company contact details, and then track opportunities via your Project Pipeline and Key Accounts.

  2. Konstruksi Perumahan di Thailand Utara

    Northen Thailand construction, specifically in the residential sector, is on the upwards trend thanks to a recovery in tourism which has boosted the local economy. Just under half of Northern Thailand’s residential construction leads can be found in Chiang Mai, with 100 active projects underway in this province.  

    Some residential projects to keep an eye out for in Northern Thailand include: 

    Barcelona Condos & Resorts (PID 101661008): Just under 1,500 residential units are being built across nine buildings at the Barcelona Condos & Resorts in Chiang Mai. Valued at an estimated 400m THB, this project covers 20,030 square metres and is expected to be completed in early 2023.  

    Supalai Grand Ville Maekorn – Chiang Rai (PID 111627008): Currently at the Construction stage, the Supalai Grand Ville Maekorn, located in Chiang Rai, will feature 354 houses and is expected to be completed in Q2 2023. This project, developed by Supalai Pcl, is valued at approximately 1,250m THB.  

    Welfare Building Personnel Residence (Mae Hia) Chiang Mai University (PID 114333008): Chiang Mai University’s new dormitories will include a clubhouse, shops and just over 500 new residential units. This government project will begin construction at the end of 2022 and is valued at approximately 400m THB.  

    To get a complete picture of residential construction in Northern Thailand, here are the top three builders of residential projects in the region, ranked by the total value of those projects:  

    1. Karnkanok Property Co Ltd 
    2. Chiangmai Rimdoi Pcl 
    3. Maxpoint Group Co Ltd 
  3. Major Construction Projects in Southern Thailand

    There are currently more than 1,000 active construction projects in Southern Thailand, with the majority of activity occurring in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phuket, Songkhla and Surat Thani. The residential sector has just over 450 active projects underway, making it the most popular area of Thai construction in this region. However, the higher value projects can be found in the infrastructure sector, notably motorways, bridges and drainage canals. Some of these high value projects include: 

    Hat Yai – Malaysia Border Motorway (Sadao) (PID 93244008): Valued at an estimated 37,399m THB, this 62.4km long motorway is currently at the Design and Documentation stage of its development. 

    Koh Samui – Khanom Bridge (PID 115653008): Developed by the Expressway Authority of Thailand, the Department of Rural Roads and the Department of Highways, this bridge is expected to be 17km long with up ramps and down ramps. While it is only at the Concept stage, this project is valued at approximately 25,000m THB. 

    Muang Mai – Koh Kaew – Kathu Expressway (PID 115648008): Expected to commence construction in Q3 2023, this expressway will be 22.4km long and is valued at an estimated 22,718m THB.  

  4. Thailand Infrastructure Leads & Information

    The Thailand construction industry certainly has a lot of projects underway, reflected in the fact that over 50% of the country’s projects are currently in the Construction stage. The residential sector has received particular attention with over 3,300 active projects. The next greatest volume of activity can be found in the infrastructure sector, which has over 1,400 active projects. Interestingly, while the number of transport projects does not rank as highly as residential and infrastructure, the transport sector has the greatest value of projects, with over 900,000m THB.  

    Using BCI LeadManager, we can determine the top three construction projects in Thailand, ranked by total project value: 

    1. Intercity Expressway Project Nakhon Pathom – Cha-Am (M8) (PID 47220008): Currently at the Pre-Construction stage, this motorway will be 109km long and is expected to be completed in Q2 2026. Valued at approximately 59,657m THB, the project is being developed by the Department of Highways, the Inter-City Motorway Division and MAA Consultants Co Ltd. 
    2. Intercity Highway Project, Bangkok Outer Ring Road Overpass, Bang Khun Thian – Bang Bua Thong (M9) (PID 115700008): Expected to be 38km long, this motorway is currently at the Design and Documentation stage of its developed. Valued at approximately 56,035m THB, construction on this project will commence in Q2 2023.
    3. Mae Moh Power Plant Replacement, Units 8-9 (PID 115805008): This coal fired power plant will have a 600MW capacity and is valued at approximately 47,470m THB. Located in Lampang, the project is being developed by Mae Moh Power Plant, EGAT.

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