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BCI Construction League – Australia 2023

BCI Central is proud to announce the release of the BCI Construction League – Australia 2023.

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The industry continues to tackle cost escalations and labour shortages, while the eastern states have seen heavy amounts of rainfall. Despite these challenges, Australia’s leading construction firms have continued to get projects off the ground, demonstrating their ability to adapt and respond to industry conditions. 

The BCI Construction League – Australia 2023 Report

Following the success of the inaugural Construction League report in 2022, BCI Central is pleased to announce the publication of the highly anticipated, 2023 Australian edition of the Liga Konstruksi BCI  

BCI is uniquely positioned to showcase the firms that played the biggest roles in boosting the industry and economy, and in the case of the BCI Construction League, list the top 50 construction firms starting work across Australia. 

Construction firms are ranked by the total value of projects that commenced construction in 2022. The report includes a breakdown of the total number of projects for each firm and their average project value.   

Australia’s top 50 builders commenced construction on 846 projects in 2022, with the top 10 builders accounting for 347 of these projects. Twenty companies also made their debut in the Construction League this year, including but not limited to Texco Construction, Ireland Brown Constructions and Kapitol Group.

“In 2022, the construction industry saw some relief to supply scarcity but continued challenges with skilled labour shortages (and costs), and tightening economic factors in securing finance, inflation and interest rates. As always, infrastructure and residential projects provided a steady stream of work and investment, but the year was marked by a resurgence in demand from the commercial sector, including offices, retail and hospitality projects across the country.  

“The builders listed in this report have all adapted and succeeded through the trials facing the industry with innovation and resilience”, Chief Data Officer, Michelle Aizenberg, said. 

The Construction League report, researched from a variety of sources including BCI Central’s construction project database and direct submissions from construction companies, provides valuable insights into the state of the Australian building industry, the projects and businesses shaping our built environment.    

For more insights, get your free copy of the report.

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