BCI Forecaster October 2022

BCI Forecaster Report: Australia (October 2022 – December 2022)

Information utilised in this report is current as of 1 October 2022.


BCI Forecaster 是未來三個月進入市場的建築合同價值的領先月度指標。施工開始值在澳大利亞範圍內呈現,按土木和建築施工以及五個關鍵州和六個關鍵建築部門/項目類別進行細分。  

通過將近期三個月前景與前三個月進行對比來說明短期預測。將 12 個月的開工建設價值與一年前相應的 12 個月期間進行對比,可以看出長期趨勢。  

BCI Forecaster 是不可或缺的短期規劃工具,可讓決策者為其銷售和運營團隊設定切合實際的目標和參數。 

Data is based on projects reported on a daily basis by BCI Central’s real-time project leads database, LeadManager. 


澳大利亞開工建設(百萬 $)

澳大利亞開工建設(百萬 $)


Although the volatility of the monthly figures may cast a shadow on this edition’s outlook for project commencements, the long-term trend is optimistic at a positive 29% change from the previous period. Total construction starts for the coming three months remain robust as can also be seen in the positive trajectory of the 12-MMA. The ascent is characterised by a strong civil sector as infrastructure and utilities projects come to fruition.  


澳大利亞開工建設總建築(百萬 $)

澳大利亞開工建設總建築(百萬 $)

The building sector’s long-term trend continues to tread positive territory at 5%, although the upcoming months see the trajectory winding down. Different sectors such as residential, community, education and industrial are influencing the downturn.  

Meanwhile, the office sector is also fluctuating in the short term, but its long-term trend remains robust at 24%. The retail and hospitality sector is on a rebound with project values exceeding the average such as those seen in the latter part of 2021.  

Several office buildings such as the 130-150 George St development (PID 125898017) in Parramatta are progressing further. From retail and hospitality, the Chadstone Shopping Centre – Integrated Fresh Development (PID 276073017) in VIC has been awarded, as well as the AU$830 million Waterfront Brisbane – Stage 1 (PID 45890021) in QLD.


澳大利亞開始全面土木建設(百萬 $)

澳大利亞開始全面土木建設(百萬 $)

Although the outlook for the building sector is fairly subdued, the construction activity from the civil sector is making up for it. Other than the North East Link (PID 111696017) which is slated to commence in December 2022, we reported the commencement of the AU$722 million Western Harbour Tunnel – Southern Tunnelling Works – Stage 1 (PID 270530017) in NSW, and the AU$844 million Pakenham & Pakenham East Station – Level Crossing Removal (PID 229228017) in VIC.  

From the utilities sector, the contract for Hunter Power Project (Kurri Kurri Power Station) (PID 230788017) has been awarded and is expected to commence soon.  


To view more data for building (residential, community, education, office, industrial, retail and hospitality) and civil (infrastructure, transport, utilities) construction projects, download the BCI Forecaster Report.