South Island Construction Projects

The construction industry in South Island is booming. Just look at Christchurch, South Island‘s largest city for construction, to see the fantastic projects in development. With thousands of projects, South Island is one of the most active regions in our database. Some of the most exciting projects in South Island include The Paragon Apartments, a residential construction project in Christchurch, or Main North Line Reinstatement Project in Christchurch to Picton. You will also find University of Otago – Christchurch Health Science Campus Redevelopment, a great example of education construction in South Island.
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Aktif Projek Pembinaan
in South Island

Cari Projek Sekarang

Awam & Infrastruktur

Cari Projek Awam & Infrastruktur

Infrastruktur, Pengangkutan, Utiliti, Tenaga


Cari Projek Komersial

Perhotelan, Pejabat, Sukan & Rekreasi, Peruncitan, Komuniti & Budaya


Cari Projek Industri

Pergudangan, Pembuatan, Pertanian


Cari Projek Perumahan

Pangsapuri, Desa Persaraan, Kawasan Perumahan, Pembangunan Bandar

Perlombongan, Minyak & Gas

Cari Projek Sumber

Penerokaan, Kebolehlaksanaan, Kejuruteraan, Infrastruktur, Kem, NPI & Pemprosesan


Carian Projek Perkhidmatan

Pendidikan, Kesihatan, Undang-undang & Ketenteraan

Cari seluruh pangkalan data projek kami

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You have come to the right place for construction leads in South Island. BCI has all the information on construction where you need it. Regardless of whether you’re on the hunt for great construction leads in Christchurch or somewhere else in South Island, join the growing number of satisfied clients and try BCI today!
  1. Christchurch Construction Projects

    Explore over a thousand construction project listings on our Christchurch construction database. We are sure to have the information you need on our easy to use platform. Residential projects in Christchurch are the most popular, but we also have many infrastructure and education construction project listings on our online database. There are few cities that have as much construction as Christchurch. See why companies choose us when they need the best construction data available!

  2. Infrastructure Construction in Dunedin

    It is hard to find a better city for infrastructure construction than Dunedin. One such example here is the City Rail Link (CRL). With hundreds of similar projects in our database alone, this area shows no signs of stopping. You’re sure to find the information you need, regardless of what city or industry you need information for.

  3. Otago Construction Projects

    Search dozens of construction projects in our Otago construction database. Residential projects in Otago are the most popular, but we also have many infrastructure, community, and cultural projects in our database. There are few places in the world with such growth in construction as Otago. See why numerous clients trust BCI to have the construction data that they need!

  4. South Island Construction Projects

    With several thousand active construction projects in South Island, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. All corners of the area have exciting projects in all stages of construction.

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