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Construction in Southern Australia has an unbelievable amount of activity right now. Southern Australia is one of the richest parts of Australia, home to a diversified economy with an expansive variety of exports. South Australia's economy includes the following major industries: meat and meat preparations, wheat, wine, wool and sheepskins, machinery, metal and metal manufactures, fish and crustaceans, road vehicles and parts, and petroleum products. Other industries, such as education and defense technology, are of growing importance and will continue to expand for the foreseeable future. All this activity contributes not only to a booming construction industry, but also one in need of your business. BCI has access to thousands of active construction leads in Southern Australia, and nowhere in the territory are those leads more multifarious than in Adelaide, SA’s largest construction city. The whole region is one of the most active in our construction database, but this city in particular is booming. Among the many exciting construction projects coming to fruition right now in SA, there’s Lonsdowne Terrace Dwellings, a Residential construction project in Vale Park as well as projects dedicated to resources and utilities such as the Onkaparinga Public Utilities project in Onkaparinga. You can also find Colorado Court, Church, and Office, a prime example of the constant flow of resources construction in Southern Australia. BCI, with its expansive access to construction leads and information stored in its system, can help you expand to Adelaide or any other part of the territory you’re looking to get into.
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Awam & Infrastruktur

Cari Projek Awam & Infrastruktur

Infrastruktur, Pengangkutan, Utiliti, Tenaga


Cari Projek Komersial

Perhotelan, Pejabat, Sukan & Rekreasi, Peruncitan, Komuniti & Budaya


Cari Projek Industri

Pergudangan, Pembuatan, Pertanian


Cari Projek Perumahan

Pangsapuri, Desa Persaraan, Kawasan Perumahan, Pembangunan Bandar

Perlombongan, Minyak & Gas

Cari Projek Sumber

Penerokaan, Kebolehlaksanaan, Kejuruteraan, Infrastruktur, Kem, NPI & Pemprosesan


Carian Projek Perkhidmatan

Pendidikan, Kesihatan, Undang-undang & Ketenteraan

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Southern Australia has tons of construction projects all across the territory, but if you don’t know where to begin, the hunt for the right prospects can be exhausting. That’s why BCI has compiled a comprehensive, easy-to-use online database full of all the information you need! Our system is intuitive and extensive, and will help you find leads all over SA, whether you’re looking in cities like Adelaide or anywhere else. Become part of the growing number of satisfied clients from BCI today!
  1. Projek Pembinaan Adelaide

    There are hundreds of active construction projects in Adelaide right now, all available for your viewing on our online database! With our intuitive, extensive list of construction leads, you’re sure to find the information you need. From infrastructure to residential and office construction, BCI can help you in your hunt for new business across Southern Australia and beyond.

  2. Construction in the City of Onkaparinga

    BCI’s comprehensive, easy-to-use database has hundreds of active projects listed in the city of Onkaparinga, so we’re sure to have the information you need. Residential construction projects in City of Onkaparinga are the most common in our system, but we also have many infrastructure and retail construction projects in our database.

  3. City of Port Adelaide Enfield Construction Projects

    The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has a plethora of construction projects if you know where to look. BCI does, and has compiled several hundred projects just in this area ranging from residential developments to infrastructure and industrial works. With BCI’s industry-leading platform, your business can easily find the leads it needs to grow in Southern Australia and beyond.

  4. Construction Leads in SA

    With several thousand construction projects in Southern Australia, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. All corners of this state have exciting projects in all stages of pipeline construction.

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