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BCI Construction League – Australia 2024

BCI Central proudly presents the third edition of the BCI Construction League – Australia 2024.

Uniquely positioned to showcase the firms that played the biggest roles in boosting the industry and economy, BCI Central leverages its extensive database within our LeadManager platform, fuelled by a dedicated team of 200+ researchers tracking over 40,000 projects and stakeholders monthly. 

The BCI Construction League ranking is determined by the total value of projects that commenced construction the year prior. Our report provides a detailed breakdown, including the total number of projects undertaken by each firm and their average project value across various sectors including commercial, community, industrial, legal & military, and multi-residential.

For the top 10 construction firms, we offer comprehensive insights into their market presence, including breakdowns by project sector and location.

Grab your free copy of the report! 

The BCI Construction League – Australia

Global economic headwinds in 2023 continued to batter the construction industry due to the usual suspects we have seen post COVID-19 pandemic: escalating construction costs, supply chain disruption and what has emerged as the biggest hurdle contributing to pressure on margins—a skilled labour shortage. 

Despite facing mounting challenges, the construction industry has remained a cornerstone of Australia’s economy, consistently driving employment and economic growth.  

The latest BCI Construction League report showcases builders who have demonstrated remarkable resilience in navigating these obstacles while spearheading advancements across Australia’s built environment. 

In 2023, Australia’s top 50 builders collectively commenced construction on 793 projects valued at a combined $36.1 billion. The lion’s share of 372 projects were undertaken by the League’s top 10 firms.  

Our newest frontrunner not only entered the top 10 for the first time this year but also clinched the coveted 1st place in the League, boasting an impressive portfolio of over $6 billion worth of construction commencements.  

Additionally, two construction firms secured their debut in the top 10, claiming the 9th and 10th spots respectively, contributing a combined $1.9 billion in project values to the League table for the year.  

Meanwhile, two consistent table toppers maintained their strong presence, securing the 3rd and 7th positions respectively. Both firms led the League table in the number of projects commencing construction, initiating 102 and 108 projects respectively. 

“The economic turbulence of the last few years is expected to continue in 2024, but with inflation heading in the right direction and interest rates holding steady, there are positive indicators of economic growth and investment in the building sector,” BCI Central ANZ Research Manager Sarah Murphy said.

“The project pipeline looks robust with many opportunities for those companies that can adapt and find innovative ways to boost productivity and enhance performance.” 

Unveil the top 50 and all the insights by downloading your free copy of the report. 

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