Main Contractors

Get a heads-up on projects before they go to tender.

Discover early-stage projects and build rapport with developers and other key decision makers before the tender is open for pricing.  

If you’re looking to negotiate private appointments, design and construct contracts, or ensure you’re invited to closed tenders, stop relying on tender sites and get started with BCI LeadManager. 


Favourite BCI LeadManager Features

Emphasizing filters to show how users filter in BCI LeadManager project search feature

Emphasizing how to search for developers and subcontractors in BCI LeadManager

Customise alerts with BCI LeadManager so users are notified with info they want to receive

How do we help main contractors?

Find subcontractors

Easily find and compare quotes from subcontractors with our extensive contact database.

Source new work

Grow your pipeline with real-time project alerts tailored to your market sector.

Track competition

Company search filters and alerts allow you to monitor the activity of your main competitors.

Manage key accounts

Track existing clients to stay notified of their activity.

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See what our clients say

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    BCI's LeadManager is a very efficient and user-friendly tool. Over the last few years of working with BCI, LeadManager has unveiled many opportunities and provided deep insights into the construction market in Asia. The addition of the CRM section on the BCI Mobile app has improved our efficiency, and it has gotten us closer to our customers with a better understanding of their needs. The support we receive along the way from our Account Manager is fantastic. A big thank you to everyone at BCI for the exciting journey so far.


    AGC Group Logo

    LeadManager 是一個方便的平台,供 AGC 亞太地區及時識別、準備和採取行動,以便與相關利益相關者進行項目牽頭研究和跟進。實時項目警報和搜索功能對於及時了解最新項目更新特別有用。我們可以找到詳細的項目信息,簡化我們的搜索並專注於我們的項目管道中的項目。由於使用了 LeadManager,我們在採購項目方面節省了大量時間。該平台不僅為我們提供了對東南亞建設項目的更好概覽,而且還為我們提供了對目標細分市場中目標項目的更廣泛覆蓋。它還使我們能夠輕鬆了解項目階段和持續時間。我們感謝 BCI 的團隊:當我們需要項目研究支持時,他們總是專業且反應迅速。



    BCI’s LeadManager is a very efficient, user-friendly tool. We have been using LeadManager for almost a decade, and it is helpful in providing information for project requirements. The Forecaster and Pipeline reports are also particularly useful, as they provide quick market updates at my fingertips. LeadManager’s project search has revealed a lot of potential developments within our area of expertise. It also saves us lots of time by providing details on the construction stages of projects within and outside Singapore. Our team is able to be productive, and we have achieved rewarding results from using LeadManager. Our dedicated Account Manager supports us promptly, and we recognise her hard work and professionalism. Keep up the good work!

    RAC 銷售經理,基礎設施
    Refractory, Abrasives & Constriction Business Area
    Imerys Aluminates Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
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          As a data provider, BCI has demonstrated in-depth and trusted information use in business. The information has led to our solid sales performance and helped us to follow-up and serve our customers well.

          Ittipon Temamornsup
          Vice President, Project Division
          TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited


          Asia Cement PCL currently uses BCI’s data to enhance and optimise our analysis of construction projects. We regularly use the updated information to track infrastructure and key projects. This continuously updated and reliable data provides us with detailed project information that helps us have a better understanding of the market and make more accurate predictions. The system is easy to work with, and the various search metrics fit our data analysis methodology. LeadManager is not only a digital tool; the BCI team itself is also very helpful and responsive.

          Corporate Marketing Division
          Asia Cement Public Company Limited

          At Kirloskar Brothers Thailand, a pump manufacturer with a presence throughout Asia, we are very pleased with BCI’s services, especially their user-friendly tool, LeadManager! It helps our company to detect possible projects early, enhancing our quotation quantity and quality as we are fully aware of the opportunities in the market. BCI’s LeadManager is an essential sales tool for Kirloskar Brothers Thailand in achieving its sales targets.

          Remko Vleesch Dubois
          Kirloskar Brothers (Thailand) Limited.


          BCI's LeadManager provides us with a lot of useful information. Not only the specific Project Search function, but the Pipeline and Forecaster reports also help us identify new opportunities and analyse the market to forecast business trends.

          Ms. Satoko Ogawa
          Assistant General Manager, Marketing & CRM
          Hitachi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


          Grand Metal Steel Co., Ltd has seen so many great opportunities thanks to our subscription with BCI Central. We don’t need to worry about sales recruitment—instead, LeadManager (which is very easy to use) helps us qualify potential projects!

          Anatta Mitmuangman
          Partner, Sales Manager
          Grand Metal Steel Co., Ltd

            PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia Logo

            BCI gives our sales team important project information including key dates, values, tendering and awarded companies across the public and private sector. BCI also provides the opportunity for our team to submit an enquiry direct to their research department if our users have any questions about a project.

            Welly Susanto
            Head of Marketing
            PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia, Tbk

            PT Sika Indonesia Logo

            LeadManager's insightful and detailed project information enables us to provide our customers with the best systems and solutions tailored specifically for their projects. With the database frequently updated and various project categories available to us, LeadManager has helped us to systematically offer our customers the right solutions early on, at the right project stage, to help meet their needs and solve their challenges. Indonesia BCI team has also supported us with professional and quick responses whenever needed. All in all, BCI's LeadManager is a multi-functional platform that accommodates us in building trust with our customers.

            Mr. Mark Alexander
            Technical Head Specification
            PT. Sika Indonesia

            Semen Indonesia Group (SIG) 徽標

            LeadManager is very helpful for project monitoring across the Concept, Design and Documentation, Pre-Construction and Construction phases. The software provides us with more insights into projects in all regions, especially in Indonesia, and this helps us to maximise our targets. The detailed information in LeadManager makes it a very effective tool for SIG, and our Account Manager provides great support.

            Marketing Senior Analyst
            Semen Indonesia Group (SIG)

            Sutindo Group Logo

            As a holding company for iron and steel distributors, as well as for supporting materials in building and industrial projects throughout Indonesia, Sutindo is constantly seeking information that allows us to support our subsidiaries. LeadManager has increased our chances of finding new customers and of getting projects in Indonesia. We are very satisfied with our Account Manager’s service: they are responsive, friendly and professional in helping resolve any issues we encounter. Thanks to BCI, our work has become more effective and more efficient.

            Ms. Milka R.U.
            Sutindo Group


              We've been working with BCI since 2013, and it has transformed the way we do business. LeadManager provides us with powerful construction-marketing information. It improves our business insights which allows us to react faster and be more competitive. Databases are important in today's cyber business landscape, and LeadManager helps us save time by handling market research. It helps our team to be more dynamic and ultimately achieve key business goals.

              Tremco CPG Hong Kong Limited


              在過去 21 年的合作中,BCI 為 Modern Group 提供了重要的項目信息和可靠的現場聯繫方式。我們是建築行業的多學科公司,BCI 幫助我們解決不同的需求,從設計墜落保護系統規範到提供移動升降工作平台和腳手架。管理與 BCI 一起變得輕而易舉



              我們使用 LeadManager 來發現新的建設項目。搜索引擎對於尋找合適的項目特別有用,因為有很多不同的內置類別可供選擇。 LeadManager 對我們的業務產生了影響,因為它幫助我們與潛在客戶取得聯繫,並提供機會介紹我們的公司以供他們考慮。由於LeadManager,我們成功收到了招標邀請。每當我們對操作系統或尋找特定項目有任何疑問時,我們的 BCI 代表總是會快速有效地做出回應。我們向與我們同行的其他公司推薦 LeadManager。

              Esmond Lam 先生


              Definitely one of the "must-subscribe" tools for those who are eager to develop and expand their business. Thanks to the Project Tracking function and the comprehensive database, along with our professional Account Manager, our team can effectively analyse and manage projects, keeping us on the right track with our goals.

              Manager, Insulated Wire & Cable Business Unit


              Hufcor frequently uses BCI's LeadManager for project identification and qualification. It is very resourceful in providing good sales opportunities. Moreover, we can effectively target the right market segments that our product line is designed for. The system also facilitates our sales performance tracking. BCI provides us with the support that we need - the Account Management team have been very helpful with our enquiries and get back to us in a timely manner.



              The BCI LeadManager interface is our most-used tool when conducting project lead research. It is clearly labelled and easy to navigate. The customisable targeted searches allow us to narrow our search, helping us identify projects that are relevant to our business. The project information is up-to-date and accurate, with detailed contact information listed so we can easily get in touch and follow-up on projects. The Save Project Searches feature is also great for us to quickly access the information again later. I've been a BCI member for many years and have always enjoyed my user experience.



              Looking for new leads takes time and effort. BCI's LeadManager provides us with high-quality project lead research, and it helps us to connect with key decision makers on new projects for business development. We are completely satisfied with the functionality and aesthetics of this wonderful platform.


              AUB Limited

              We have been using BCI LeadManager for several years. Our team's efficiency has greatly improved as we get regular market updates several times per day, every week! We greatly appreciate BCI keeping us abreast with the latest developments, which are particularly important in the early stages of any project.

              AUB Limited


              We particularly like the Submit Enquiry function when we have questions on a project's status. This makes LeadManager not just a platform, but more like a real-time manager during operation. Timing is important in the construction industry. We have been using the Team Manager function for our daily check on projects to help us pinpoint the right moment to follow up. We also explore market opportunities through the Company Search. Our Account Manager has always been helpful and detail-minded when it comes to our needs.



              LeadManager's powerful data helps our salesforce find assigned parties of projects at the initial stage. The centralised platform reduces time spent on research, and our Account Manager helps obtain project details relevant to our search.



                I have been using BCI since starting as a BDM for Conspec Group, and I personally find it to be the best platform to obtain new leads and potential clients. It's user-friendly, and the data is generally accurate and up-to-date. I highly recommend using this database and I will continue to use it while I work as a BDM. I regularly speak with the BCI Sales Team about training for the platform and I find that the customer service is excellent.

                Brad Neale
                Conspec Group


                  BCI's LeadManager is a great tool that helps us keep track of our clients upcoming projects all around New Zealand. This means we can be better prepared and proactive to help them with all their fastening requirements.



                  Accessman has been using BCI LeadManager for a number of years now, and it has had a huge impact on our sales process. Having all upcoming projects in one place allows us to be ahead of the game, and point our sales reps in the right direction. It's an easy-to-use platform and we know the BCI team is only one email away to support us when we need.


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                    這是 幻燈片 6 內聯滑塊。幻燈片向左或向右,您可以將任何元素添加到幻燈片容器。導航和分頁是可選的。


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