Main Contractors

Get a heads-up on projects before they go to tender.

Discover early-stage projects and build rapport with developers and other key decision makers before the tender is open for pricing.  

If you’re looking to negotiate private appointments, design and construct contracts, or ensure you’re invited to closed tenders, stop relying on tender sites and get started with BCI LeadManager. 

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Favourite BCI LeadManager Features

Emphasizing filters to show how users filter in BCI LeadManager project search feature

Emphasizing how to search for developers and subcontractors in BCI LeadManager

Customise alerts with BCI LeadManager so users are notified with info they want to receive

How do we help main contractors?

Find subcontractors

Easily find and compare quotes from subcontractors with our extensive contact database.

Source new work

Grow your pipeline with real-time project alerts tailored to your market sector.

Track competition

Company search filters and alerts allow you to monitor the activity of your main competitors.

Manage key accounts

Track existing clients to stay notified of their activity.

Commercial builders and civil contractors

Discover early stage projects

Cari Projek Sekarang

Awam & Infrastruktur

Cari Projek Awam & Infrastruktur

Infrastruktur, Pengangkutan, Utiliti, Tenaga


Cari Projek Komersial

Perhotelan, Pejabat, Sukan & Rekreasi, Peruncitan, Komuniti & Budaya


Cari Projek Industri

Pergudangan, Pembuatan, Pertanian


Cari Projek Perumahan

Pangsapuri, Desa Persaraan, Kawasan Perumahan, Pembangunan Bandar

Perlombongan, Minyak & Gas

Cari Projek Sumber

Perlombongan, Minyak & Gas


Carian Projek Perkhidmatan

Pendidikan, Kesihatan, Undang-undang & Ketenteraan

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