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  • Retail Construction Sector Snapshot Report in New Zealand 2023

Retail Construction Sector Snapshot Report in New Zealand 2023

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New Zealand’s retail sector is currently facing rising operating and freight costs, as well as inflationary pressures. While confidence in meeting sales targets may be low, New Zealand retailers continue to be some of the biggest employers in the country.  

Retail Construction Sector Overview in New Zealand 2023 

As of June 2023, BCI is reporting on 376 active retail projects in New Zealand, worth over 6.73 billion NZD—that’s shopping centres and supermarkets, showrooms, petrol stations and more. Just over 50 of these projects are at the Concept stage and have a combined total value of 3.22 billion NZD. Approximately 2.45 billion NZD can be attributed to projects at Design & Documentation, where detailed designs are assessed against national construction standards before the project can be approved for build. 

New Zealand’s Northern Region leads the retail sector with 180 projects valued at over 4 billion NZD. While the Southern Region also features more than 100 active retail projects, the total value of these is half of the value of projects located in the north.  

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  • PID: 186153017 
  • Nilai anggaran: 40M NZD 
  • Jenis Projek: Retail Warehouse for Shopping Mall – 3 storey 
  • Sector: Peruncitan 
  • Pentas: Reka Bentuk & Dokumentasi  
  • Lokasi: Auckland, New Zealand 

*All values as of 27 June 2023 

Key Market Players in the Retail Sector 

Our Sector Snapshot report ranks the leading developers, architects and builders based on their total construction project value over the past 12 months, as reported by BCI Central. Tauranga City Council, Jasmax Ltd – Auckland, and Mansons TCLM Ltd ranked as the top developer, architect and builder respectively. 

Discover the complete list of the top 3 developers, architects and builders in our retail sector snapshot report in New Zealand 2023. 

Retail Construction Project Leads Database 

Pengurus Utama BCI offers comprehensive information on active retail projects in the development pipeline. Additionally, BCI Analytix provides in-depth analysis of construction activity by sector, stage and location, as well as prominent market players in a sector of choice.  

For further details, download your copy of the BCI Sector Snapshot: Retail. 

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