BCI Construction Outlook

Analysing Australia's construction pipeline

Q3/2020 – Q3/2023

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Using BCI’s unparalleled construction project and company data together with detailed insights from key stakeholders in the market, the BCI Analytix team are proud to present the BCI Construction Outlook report.

With the aim of supporting the wider design and construction industry in finding opportunities in uncertain times, we shed light on where the industry is heading over the next 12 months—forecasting projects we see entering the development pipeline, and projects that are getting off the ground and starting construction.

Take a deep dive into the top challenges facing our industry and its key market players—developers, architects and main contractors. Gain insights into the strategies firms are implementing in order to navigate our new normal.

Buy now for A$349.

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    Part 1: Pipeline Analysis

    A detailed overview of the number and value of projects entering the pipeline (early stage projects); blocking the pipeline (deferred and abandoned projects); and exiting the pipeline (construction commenced). We’ll breakdown the data on a national level, as well as by key states and sectors.

    Project Stages:

    • Entering the Pipeline: Concept and Design & Documentation
    • Blockages in the Pipeline: Deferred and Abandoned
    • Exiting the Pipeline: Construction Commenced

    Project Sectors:

    • Commercial & Hospitality
    • ที่พักอาศัย
    • Community & Public Buildings
    • Industrial, Infrastructure & Transport
    • Energy & Resources

    Key States:

    • NSW/ACT
    • VIC
    • QLD
    • WA
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    The Urban Developer หุ้นส่วนของ BCI Construction League
    Procore Technologies, partner of The BCI Construction League
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    Part 2: Industry & Market Insights

    Combining project and company data from BCI’s database, the BCI Sentiment Survey and key stakeholder interviews, the Construction Outlook Report provides insights into:

    • Project challenges
    • Business focuses
    • Planning pipelines
    • Government support
    • Sustainability


    Data is also broken down into the following stakeholder groups:

    • Developers/Owners
    • สถาปนิก
    • ช่างก่อสร้าง
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    Powered by Analytix

    Using hundreds of thousands of project data points from BCI LeadManager, our Analytix division pieces together patterns & reveals relationships, helping BCI customers get ahead of decisions and their competition.

    Analytix services include:

    • Analytix Platform
    • รายงานต่างๆ
    • Custom Research

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