Community Sector Snapshot Report in Australia 2024

BCI’s community sector snapshot report in Australia captures the total number and value of active projects across the country, as of January 2024.  

Community & Cultural Sector in Australia

As reported by BCI, since 2021 there has been a steady decline in the number of design applications submitted in the community and cultural sector across Australia. This decline corresponds with a notable decrease in the number of construction commencements, with just over 200 projects commencing in 2021, dropping to 135 construction starts in 2023.  

Despite this recent downward trend, Australia’s community and cultural sector, as of January 2024, has over 1,900 active construction projects, totalling more than 29 billion AUD. Approximately 42.49% of the total number of projects can be attributed to those in the Design & Documentation stage of construction. However, almost half (48.54%) of the total value of community and cultural projects belongs to those in their infancy, at the Concept stage.  

Looking at the projects broken down by state, we can see that NSW/ACT have the largest total value of projects, with over 800 projects worth approximately 10.55 billion AUD. Comparatively, QLD/NT/Other Territories has just 267 active community projects, but they claim an impressive total value of 8.41 billion AUD.  

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Featured Project in the Community Sector 


  • PID: 309510017 
  • มูลค่าโดยประมาณ: 2,500M AUD 
  • Sector: ชุมชนและวัฒนธรรม 
  • เวที: เตรียมโครงการ 
  • ที่ตั้ง: Brisbane, Queensland 

*All values as of 12 February 2024

Key Market Players in the Community Building Industry 

Our Sector Snapshot report ranks the leading developers, architects and builders based on their total construction project value over the past 12 months, as reported by BCI Central. Development Victoria, NH Architecture Pty Ltd, and Lendlease Corporation Ltd – Melbourne ranked as the top developer, architect and builder respectively.  

Discover the complete list of the top three developers, architects and builders in our community sector snapshot report in Australia 2024.   


The BCI Sector Snapshots are a series of free reports that share top-level insights into key construction sectors across Australia.   

Our BCI Sector Snapshot reports provide you with the total number and value of active projects broken down into:   

  • Overall national figures  
  • Construction stages   
  • State figures   

With further details on:   

  • Key market players (developers, architects and builders)  
  • Noteworthy projects  

BCI LeadManager offers comprehensive information on the projects undertaken by key market players in the community and cultural construction sector. Within the community sector, BCI reports on:   

  • Community Halls, Community Centres 
  • Conference Centres 
  • Exhibitions Centres 
  • Fire Stations, Emergency Centres 
  • Funeral Parlours, Morgues, Crematoriums, Cemeteries 
  • Galleries, Museums 
  • Libraries 
  • Religious Buildings 
  • Theatres, Cinemas  

Additionally, BCI Analytix provides in-depth analysis of construction activity by sector, stage and location, as well as the sector’s prominent market players.  

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