Multi-Residential Sector Snapshot Report in Australia 2023

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ดิ lure of apartment life for Australians today goes beyond homeownership prices to involve value for money, convenience and community cohesion. This is where the multi-residential sector comes into play, with the development of apartments, townhouses and residential estates to meet these lifestyle preferences.  

Multi-Residential Development Market Analysis Australia 2023 

As of May 2023, BCI is reporting on 11,980 active multi-dwelling projects across Australia, worth an impressive 244.55 billion AUD. The Design & Documentation stage dominates the sector, with approximately 80.16% of the total number of projects in this stage of construction. This period involves detailed planning, architectural design and preparation of construction documentation. Unsurprisingly, these projects at Design & Documentation also account for just over half (53.03%) of the total value of multi-dwelling projects.  

Looking at the projects broken down by state, we can see that NSW/ACT have the largest total value of projects, with over 3,700 projects worth approximately 114.16 billion AUD. Comparatively, VIC/TAS/SA have almost double the number of projects, but just over half of the total value coming in at about 62.88 billion AUD. 

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  • PID: 310269017 
  • มูลค่าโครงการ: 225M AUD 
  • ประเภทโครงการ: Apartments (418) – 4 buildings – 9 &10 storey 
  • ภาค: Residential 
  • ขั้นตอนโครงการ: Design & Documentation 
  • Location: Gold Coast, Queensland 

*All values as of 4 July 2023 

Key Market Players in the Multi-Residential Construction Sector 

Our Sector Snapshot report ranks the leading developers, architects and builders based on their total construction project value over the past 12 months, as reported by BCI Central. OBuild (Department of Energy and Public Works) – Cairns, Turner Studio – Sydney, and Bathla Investments Pty Ltd ranked as the top developer, architect and builder respectively. 

Discover the complete list of the top 3 developers, architects and builders in our multi-residential sector snapshot report in Australia 2023.  

Multi-Residential Construction Project Leads  

BCI LeadManager offers comprehensive information on the projects undertaken by the top developers, architects and builders in the multi-residential sector. Additionally, BCI Analytix provides in-depth analysis of construction activity by sector, stage and location, as well as the sector’s prominent market players.  

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