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BCI Pipeline Report: Australia (Q3 2021)

Information utilised in this report is current as of 1 October 2021.


The BCI Pipeline Report provides quarterly leading indicators of the value of new construction projects in their early stages (from competition to documentation). It is an essential source of construction information for any organisation or individual connected or concerned with the future of the construction industry in Australia.

The BCI Pipeline Report offers more than just a general view of the construction market by revealing specific trends at regional and category levels.

The Pipeline data is based on projects reported on a daily basis in BCI’s real-time project lead database, LeadManager. For the past nine quarters all projects at Concept or Design & Documentation stage were extracted from the database by publishing date. Only new projects (projects reported for the first time) are included. The aggregate value of the projects is then established by quarter.

Overall Picture
Line graph of total concept and design stage projects in Australia


Project proposals for both building and civil categories have largely picked up in Q3 2021. Despite lockdowns that were imposed, early-stage building projects are making a sharp turn upwards in most sectors. Residential is the leading contributor for the building segment performing remarkably well and supporting the widespread demand in the country. The growth in other categories is notable as well, and some are fuelled by high-value projects.

Many states are expected to strengthen their pipelines beginning with NSW and ACT, which has rebounded from a slump in previous periods. Also on the upside, QLD is sustaining the upturn in investments, SA has reversed its trajectory, and WA is exhibiting a surge largely due to the Western Green Energy Hub (PID 249291017).

Line graph of concept and design stage building construction projects


Line graph of concept and design stage civil construction projects


The robust outcome in the civil sector is brought on primarily by the utilities category. The investments in renewable energy keep rolling along highlighting the need to address supply concerns and meet reliability standards.

Other than the Western Green Energy Hub (PID 249291017), which contributes the bulk of the value for civil at AU$15 billion, other key projects include the Dinawan Energy Hub (PID 249479017) in Coleambally, valued at around AU$4.3 billion, and the AU$800 million Melton Renewable Energy Hub (PID 256319017) in Melbourne.

The NSW Central – West Orana REZ Transmission Project (PID 256201017), part of NSW Government’s Electricity Strategy and Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap, is a major investment that will facilitate the distribution of electricity from new sources.

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