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How many architects are working in Singapore’s education sector right now, and from which firms? Assess active companies within a given project category and location. Dig deeper to see exactly what projects these companies are working on.

Identify and analyse top companies by:

  • Number of projects completed
  • Their market share
  • Average project value
  • Total project value

Say there are 5 builders tendering on a project… You really need to know which subcontractors each main contractor will be requesting pricing from for your specific package. Rather than hoping the right subbie contacts you for pricing (or waiting until they are confirmed as awarded), target high probability companies to contact & quote.

Figure out who is likely to win that next contract by mapping previous direct working relationships:

  • Main contractors -> subcontractors
  • Architect -> engineers
  • Developers -> architects
  • Developers -> main contractors

You know what they say about business relationships. The combination of already appointed companies on a project can impact the selection of the remaining roles. Explore and identify high probability candidates based on project stakeholders already confirmed in LeadManager.

Map up to five different roles at once:

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Builders
  • Subcontractors

Measure up to companies on their:

  • Number of active projects
  • Total project value
  • Average project value

Take a deeper dive into each company and compare:

  • What project sectors they’re currently working in
  • Their largest projects
  • Project stage distribution
  • Their top 10 active partners

What areas have the most upcoming work over the next 6, 12 or 24 months? See which regions and project categories have the most design applications and approvals, so you know where to place and direct your resources.

Inform your product development strategy based on sector growth and likely demand.

Get a top-level view of construction activity by region, sector and project stage. The heatmap will show you project density in a flash, so you can visualise opportunities and no-go zones.

Need more specific project leads? Refine your search further by:

  • Project scope
    • Floor area
    • Site area
    • Number of storeys
    • Number of units
  • Development type
  • Ownership type
    • Government
    • Private
    • Joint venture

Build your target account list by understanding which companies are the most active within your set filters, including:

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Main contractors
  • Subcontractors

Want to know the volume of live project leads in education vs health, or office vs residential? Or maybe you’re looking at entering new markets, or assessing where to allocate future resources. Inform your sales strategy by comparing opportunities in two given sectors.

For each sector, get:

  • Number of projects
  • Total project value
  • Average project value
  • Full project list

Look at the most active companies within a sector, and get detailed information about the projects they’re working on:

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Main contractors
  • Subcontractors


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Map stakeholder networks

Who works with whom, how often, when and in what context? Figure out who is likely to win that next contract.

Examine the probability of a certain outcome based on project sector and stakeholders already confirmed.

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Understand today’s market

Get a top-level summary of construction activity by sector, stage & location.

Assess overall volume, value & stage of projects within any given sector to evaluate opportunities.

Stay ahead of the curve

Use historical project milestones to gain insights into both current construction sector activity as well as new application numbers which may help identify future trends.

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Identify key market players

Understand how competitive a sector is. Assess the likelihood of a company winning a contract.

Gauge main contractors’ probability of success.

Predict development activity

Map early stage, approved and completed projects by location in any given area for a specific market sector.

Identify development clusters to assess future demand for products and services, or alternatively find areas with little to no planned development for a given project type.

Evaluate sectors and companies

Compare sectors by the number of active projects, market value over time, key players and more.

Measure up companies by scope & scale of projects won within any given sector.

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