BCI Sales Tip #2: 10 Ways to Improve Communication

Why excellent communication can help you connect better with your clients.

Selling success is not only reliant on the quality of your product, but on how well your product is presented to your target audience. Whether they are a builder, architect or developer you want to ensure your meeting creates a connection and positions you as a trusted supplier. In order to do so, excellent communication is a must. However there are some common misconceptions when it comes to what constitutes excellent communication. The tips below will help you communicate better with your clients:

1. It’s okay to be nervous.
Nerves aren’t bad – they mean you care about what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to refer to your notes if they will help you present with confidence!

2. Don’t imagine your audience naked.
Your energy is much better spent mastering techniques that won’t distract you.

3. Maintaining unwavering eye contact isn’t necessary.
When we are conversing in a relaxed and confident manner, we actually look away often. Breaking eye contact allows for you to both process and access information.

4. It’s ok to use your hands.
If using hand gestures and movements comes naturally to you, it’s not a bad thing when presenting. Don’t overthink your movements, and do what feels comfortable.

5. Speak at a normal volume.
If you speak too loud when presenting your audience can feel as though you’re talking at them, not with them. Speak loud enough for everyone in the room to hear you with ease.

6. Speak at a normal pace.
Use your standard range of speaking paces when presenting. This sounds much more natural and confident than slowing down your language.

7. Don’t use overly formal language or jargon. 
While its important to showcase your expertise in your product field, being able to translate product or industry specific jargon into everyday language will help highlight your ability to connect with your audience. Remember, not all architects and designers are experts in your product, which is why they need your help.

8. With PowerPoint presentations, less is more.
If your PowerPoint contains all the information, then what value do you have to add? Use your PowerPoint to assist you with your presentation, not deliver it.

9. Give a concise overview of your company. 
Going into minute detail isn’t necessary – you’re there to solve their problems, so spend time on their issues rather than your history.

10. Choose your samples wisely.
While samples help the audience to visualise your product, only present those ones that are relevant. Otherwise you’re likely to confuse or bore your client with unwanted samples.

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