BCI Sales Tip #3: 4 Ways to Actively Listen

Did you know less than 2% of people have had any formal education on how to listen.

Yet actively listening is crucial in building more profitable business relationships! Following on from our tip on excellent communication, we truly believe the following:

Excellent Communication = Excellent Listening

Active listening develops mutual understanding between people. However, often we are guilty of not actively listening in phone calls and meetings. For example, have you ever asked a question and while your client is answering, you are thinking of the next question you want to ask? When you do this, you risk not receiving the full message. The tips below will help you become an active listener.

1. Listen attentively and absorb what you hear during your discovery.
Then focus on what problem you can solve for the prospect.

2. Don’t ask questions for the sake of asking.
Discovery is to learn about the client and to get a good understanding of their situation.

3. Approach your client with a sense of curiosity.
Actively listen to their issues. Seek to understand them first, and only then show them what possible solutions you can provide to help them solve the problem. This will increase your chances of closing the sale.

4. Don’t be afraid to take notes during the meeting.
Taking notes is a great way to summarise your discussions and ensure you’re on the same page as your client.

If you’re interested in improving your active listening skills then enquire about our Effective Specification Selling seminars by BCI Academy. Specific to construction sales, participants are taught the foundations of selling effectively to design specifiers.

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