Sales Tip #5: The Importance of Technical Knowledge

You cannot gain trust and make good recommendations if you do not understand your prospect’s industry, market segment and specific situation. On top of that, you need to be able to integrate your offerings into the equation. Industry professionals like architects and builders are very much generalists when it comes to your products and services. You are the expert and it is important to share that knowledge with your clients. These 3 areas of knowledge are the most important:

1. Your Products
What they do well, and their potential downfalls. Which products are your ‘heroes’ – the ones that are used regularly and examples of projects they have been used in. You must know how and where they are manufactured, and any relevant changes in design or materials etc.

2. Your Industry
Know industry laws, regulations and standards that relate to your product and keep up to date with any changes. Make an effort to network both online and in person by following relevant social media such as LinkedIn groups, and attend industry events when possible.

3. Your Competitors
What you can offer that they can’t, what they can offer that you can’t, and the offerings that are the same. It is also important to know what projects they are working on.

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