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Client Spotlight: Asiance Sdn Bhd

Asiance signs exclusive distribution agreement with BFL International


Asiance Sdn Bhd, a consulting and trading firm in Kuala Lumpur, is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with BFL International. The signing of this agreement sees Asiance bring a unique solution for fighting rising damp to the Southeast Asia market. 

Rising damp is a natural physical phenomenon caused by ground moisture rising up a permeable masonry wall by capillary action. Thanks to their agreement with BFL, Asiance is now distributing the I.P.E, an innovative product designed to treat humidity in walls, concrete slabs and building foundations, to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. 

BCI Central would like to congratulate Asiance on their pursuit of innovation, especially in the distribution of this economic method for combatting rising damp.  


Editor’s note: BCI Central’s client spotlight showcases the recent success stories and exciting news of our clients.

Posted 22 August 2022

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