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Construction in New South Wales is booming. Look no further than Sydney, NSW‘s largest city, the capital of Australia, and an emerging construction capital of the world! Sydney is 1580 kilometres more than doubles New York City's 780, and BCI is taking advantage of that space with several thousand projects in the NSW region. Some of the most exciting projects in NSW include Norwest Business Park, a residential construction project, and Blackwattle Bay in Sydney Harbor which is the deepest natural harbor in the world. Sydney Harbour bridge, another impressive feat of construction in the city, is the world's widest long-span bridge and the tallest steel arch bridge. And the city has plenty of room for retail development too, with projects such as the 49-story Quay Quarter Tower which, when finished, will serve as a vibrant destination for international and local businesses. Of course, New South Wales has more to it than just the capital city; other areas such as Newcastle which hosts structures such as Fort Scratchley as well as a variety of infrastructure and public property renovation projects, and the Central Coast which holds opportunities for jobs in creating and up keeping an extensive and burgeoning transportation system of of highways, freeways, railways, and bus systems. From emerging major metropolitan areas, to historical towns that require upkeep, to transportation systems being built and maintained, it's no wonder New South Wales is one of the most active regions in our database.
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    With several thousand active construction projects in New South Wales, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. All corners of the area have exciting projects in all stages of pipeline construction.

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