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Right now, Construction Projects in North Island have an unbelievable amount of activity. Look no further than Auckland, North Island‘s most exciting city for construction, to see all the incredible projects in the works. With several thousand projects in North Island, this region is one of the most active in our construction database. Among the most known construction projects in North Island include Westgate Residential Development, a residential construction project in Westgate, or City Rail Link in Auckland. You can also find Auckland University works programme, a prime example of education construction in North Island.
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If you need construction project leads in North Island, our online database has all the information on construction in Australia that you need. Regardless of whether you’re on the hunt for great leads in Auckland or anywhere else in North Island, be part of the growing number of satisfied clients and try BCI today!
  1. Auckland Construction Projects

    Explore thousands of construction projects in our Auckland online database! Residential construction projects in Auckland are the most common in our system, but we also have many infrastructure and education construction projects on our online database. There are few places in the world with such growth in construction as Auckland. See why numerous clients trust BCI to bring the the construction data that they need.

  2. Residential Construction in Wellington

    Find hundreds of construction project listings on our Wellington online database of construction leads, you are sure to find the information that you need. Residential construction projects in Wellington are the most common in our system, but we also have many infrastructure and education construction project listings as well. There are few cities that have as much construction as Wellington. See why companies choose us when they need the best construction data available!

  3. Waikato Construction Projects

    Search hundreds of active construction projects in our Waikato online database of construction leads! Infrastructure construction projects in Waikato are among the most common in our system, but we also have many residential and industrial construction projects in our database. Waikato is one of the most popular in our database. See why people trust us to provide the construction data that you need!

  4. Active Construction Projects in North Island

    With several thousand active construction projects in North Island, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. All corners of the area have exciting projects in all stages of construction.

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