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The construction industry in Queensland, with its nearly 2 million sq km geographical size and population of over 5 million, has a lot of upside. Just look at Brisbane with its expansive metropolitan area and the largest budget of any LGA (local government area) in all of Australia. The city hosts massive commercial and entertainment projects like Queen’s Wharf Precinct, a $3.6 billion dollar integrated casino resort with 50 new bars, cafes and restaurants, infrastructure projects like $6.8 billion dollar Cross River Rail, and even plans to redevelop the 31-year-old Eagle Street Pier looking out over the beautiful Brisbane waterfront. And that’s all just in one city! Look beyond that and there’s even more to see. BCI can give you access to thousands of exciting projects all taking place all over Queensland right now. The sheer number of active projects makes this area one of the most active in our database, and the variety of projects is unending. There’s Springfield Green, a residential construction project in Springfield, and Pajingo Gold Operations, a mine in Charter Towers that, if you use our database, may not be the only ones to strike gold. You will also find resource construction projects like Bramston Beach Campground Sewer Upgrade too—perhaps not as glamorous, but just as important to the community and profitable for you. Queensland is a rapidly expanding area with plenty of opportunity awaiting you and your construction business.
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Looking for construction leads in beautiful Queensland? You have come to the right place. BCI has an extensive database of information full of construction leads all over the territory. Whether you’re looking to bring your business to Brisbane, or anywhere else in the territory of QLD, BCI's database will allow you to see just how much our comprehensive, easy-to-use system can help grow your business all across Australia. If you’ve grown tired of scouring sources for leads, find everything you want all in one place. We’ve done the work for you at BCI, so get started today!
  1. Brisbane Construction Projects

    Brisbane has thousands of construction project listings in our database, but trying to find the right one without BCI’s intuitive, comprehensive database can be exhausting. That’s why we decided to help clients meet companies looking for construction leads, creating the perfect ecosystem for building and infrastructure symbiosis. From residential works to infrastructure and education, there’s so much to explore with BCI today!

  2. Construction on the Gold Coast

    Our Gold Coast construction database has over over a thousand active projects to explore. Whether you’re looking for residential projects, infrastructure, or retail (and more), BCI is sure to have the information you need to expand your business in Queensland. Our industry-leading platform allows you to access an expertly compiled list of project leads sure to grow your business. Explore the possibilities of BCI today!

  3. Cairns Construction Projects

    Explore hundreds of construction projects in our Cairns construction industry database, sure to have the information you need. There are plenty of infrastructure projects in Cairns as well as a plethora of residential and utilities construction projects just waiting for your business to take part. Cairns is a fast-growing area in Queensland, and your company can be a big part of that growth. See why numerous clients trust BCI to have the construction data that they need!

  4. Construction in QLD

    With thousands of active construction projects in Queensland, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. All corners of the area have exciting projects in all stages of pipeline construction.

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