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Tasmania is the 26th-largest island in the world, and encompasses the surrounding 334 islands too, which makes for plenty of space for a thriving construction scene. Construction projects in Tasmania are booming. Look no further than Hobart, Tasmania’s largest city and main center for construction, to see all the occurring activity. Hobart is the home port for the Antarctic activities of Australia and France, so utility and resource construction are especially important, but the city is also a popular cruise ship destination during the summer months, so construction catering to the needs of travelers and tourists is also essential to keep the region afloat. With hundreds of projects, TAS is one of the most active regions in our database. Just recently in 2020, the Tasmanian Liberal Government set out to reboot the economy with a record construction blitz, meaning a huge increase in infrastructure spending and bolstering of other construction projects, guaranteed to strengthen and underpin the Tasmanian economy. And with the right information from BCI’s database, your construction business can easily become a part of that mission. Some of the most exciting projects in Tasmania right now include the Bass Highway Duplication, a infrastructure construction project putting $100 million towards improving road safety, travel time reliability, freight productivity and social access, Bilton Street Townhouses, a housing development project creating residential units, apartments, flats, townhouses, villas in the suburb of Claremont, and projects like the Mount Bischoff Tin Processing Plant Refurbishment, which is a great example of resources construction in TAS.
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BCI’s in-depth construction project database can help you and your business locate clients easily in Tasmania. We’ve compiled leads all over the territory from the city of Hobart and beyond so that you don’t have to hunt for clients any longer. We make it easy to organize and optimize your search. Discover why there are so many satisfied clients using our system to grow their business in Tasmania and beyond!
  1. Hobart Construction Projects

    Hobart has dozens of construction projects listed on our database! BCI’s data is easy-to-use and comprehensive, so we’re certain to have the information you need. As the city of Hobart expands and grows, you can take part in the action, getting involved in not only residential construction — the most popular in the region — but also in infrastructure and health construction projects. See why numerous clients trust BCI to have the construction data that they need!

  2. Construction Projects in Launceston

    Explore dozens of infrastructure, residential, and education projects in Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania. Ongoing construction in this area can provide you with an incredible opportunity to grow your business and thrive, and BCI gives you the opportunity find those projects with ease. See why so many companies choose BCI to help them expand their business.

  3. Devonport Construction Projects

    Small but mighty, Devonport is the third largest city in Tasmania, and has several active construction projects and counting that need your help. The variety of projects is staggering from infrastructure to education, residential, resources, and sports/recreation listings. BCI is sure to have the information you need to thrive in this area. See why people trust us to provide the construction data that you need!

  4. Projects in Tasmania

    With hundreds of active construction projects in TAS, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. All corners of the area have exciting projects in all stages of pipeline construction.

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More than just projects – BCI is also the database to use when you want to find and track firms and companies. Search for architects, designers, engineers, technical consultants, services consultants, main contractors and builders, subcontractors, developers, property managers, and more. We’ll tell you any time your existing or target accounts are linked with a project, so you can get in touch at exactly the right time. That’s right, we also support job title searching ability in Tasmania, so when you’re looking for construction stakeholders there or anywhere else, be sure to use our comprehensive database.

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