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The Next Generation of LeadManager is Coming Soon

BCI Central is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new and improved LeadManager.

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Our first SaaS product, originally launched in 2002, LeadManager has grown to become the industry’s favourite construction data platform. Over the past 20 years we have seen significant international expansion of LeadManager usership, servicing thousands of clients across the Asia-Pacific.

During this time, LeadManager has undergone a series of enhancements including a significant platform upgrade in 2017. Across our team of 600-strong, it’s safe to say that we’ve remained focused on one key goal—innovation—and this has driven us to be bold, push boundaries and deliver above and beyond on the ever-growing and increasingly complex needs of our members.

Today, LeadManager plays a crucial role in empowering businesses around the world with construction intelligence that drives growth and revenue. LeadManager connects users across a wide range of industries with new project opportunities and key industry decision makers including architects, designers, engineers, builders, subcontractors and more.

By identifying relevant project opportunities across a choice of locations and sectors, tracking end-to-end sales performance, and providing CRM functions to manage sales pipelines in one central system, LeadManager helps its members focus on selling rather than searching.

The next generation of LeadManager is even more intuitive: redefine your keywords and criteria while you search, flip seamlessly between projects and companies, and customise your alerts based on what matters most to your sales process. Seamless integration with our historical construction data tool, Analytix, will shed light on stakeholder networks, facilitate proactive strategic planning, and direct sales effort towards high-probability opportunities.

Ashleigh Porter, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Australia and New Zealand, says:

“LeadManager has been developed with the needs of our members front and centre. User experience, functionality and versatility are key drivers that have formed the blueprint of our development plans over the past two years.

“Our foundation of unrivalled construction information remains unchanged but will be paired with new, curated construction-specific SaaS tools that increase business efficiencies and ultimately drive stronger business outcomes. There is nothing else like it on the market.

“The new generation of LeadManager is more than a software. It’s a strategic platform that delivers customised solutions and supports users in getting real results.”

Nish PKN, Chief Operating Officer of Asia, says:

“For 20 years, LeadManager has been an essential tool for industry suppliers and manufacturers to find, track and manage ongoing and upcoming projects.

“BCI’s commitment to innovation, and providing customer-centric solutions, has seen us develop the next generation of LeadManager—an even more intuitive platform than its predecessor.

“The seamless integration of real-time construction data and CRM functions, with a full suite of new features, including the AI-powered Analytix tool, means the new LeadManager continues to support our customers’ growth and increase sales revenue with a smarter, sharper solution.” 

The new LeadManager will be available in Australia and New Zealand in late February 2022, followed by Asia in April – May 2022.

Join the waitlist for your exclusive pre-launch offer.

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