The BCI Construction League

Showcasing the nation's top construction firms

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Winner's Ranks

The industry has managed to weather the storm of the past few years, and the country’s biggest construction firms have played a critical role. Despite facing a multitude of challenges, they have continued to get projects off the ground and provide employment and opportunity. 

Reporting on 40,000+ projects per month, BCI Central is uniquely placed to showcase the firms that played the biggest roles in boosting the industry and economy. 

As one of the industry’s leaders in construction-specific market forecasts, analysis and data commentaries, the BCI Construction League is not to be missed.

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Explore the country's biggest construction firms, as featured in:

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How does the BCI Construction League Report work?

Firms are ranked by their total value of projects with the following parameters:

Construction start

  • January to 31  December

Project sectors

  • Commercial
  • Community
  • Industrial
  • Legal and military
  • Multi-residential


  • Private
  • Government
  • Joint venture

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What's in the BCI Construction League Report?

For each of the top 50 firms, get their:

  • Total project count
  • Total project value
  • Average project value

Take a deeper dive with the firms that took out the top 10 spots, and get a breakdown of their:

  • Project locations
  • Project sectors

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What's in the BCI Construction League Report

Where is the data from?

For over 20 years, BCI has researched and reported on construction project information to power our flagship software, LeadManager. LeadManager gives users access to:

  • Live construction project information
  • Project leads
  • Decision-maker contacts
  • Company insights

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