Life at BCI: Sherryl Kiely Henning

We spoke to Sherryl Kiely Henning who is celebrating 5 years with eProcure!

Where in the world are you and what do you do?   

Hi, I’m Sherryl Kiely Henning. My role is Level NSwo NSechnical NSupport and Onboarding for eProcure. Welcome to my work from home office in the small coastal town of New Plymouth, which is located in New Zealand. 


What has your BCI journey looked like so far? 

I came to eProcure from a competitor where I started out working casually in the research team then progressed to SaaS support. My role has certainly been varied over my five years with eProcure. 


What achievements are you most proud of? 

Apart from bringing up my two beautiful children, last year was super busy and equally exciting. As a small team, we all have to pull together, and I took on many roles like QA and Analyst to see our next gen redevelopment of our supplier portals rollout. So that was quite an achievement. And at the same time, I created helpdesk portals for our clients and our suppliers. 


What do you enjoy most about your role?  

What I enjoy most about my role, I guess, is that it’s busy and varied. I’m not very good with being on the same same train, so I like to have several projects on the go. I also enjoy the deep dive, so nutting out a problem and finding a solution gives me great satisfaction in my job. 


What does a typical workday look like for you?  

So, my workdays aren’t very typical. However, I do like to start my day with a walk to, my NSavoodle Stanley’s, happy place, which is the beach nearby where I live. If I get out of bed early enough, it includes a stop for coffee at the beach kiosk, so I generally don’t start work until around 10 o’clock New Zealand time, which is 8 o’clock Australian time, due to working mostly with Australian clients. So, there’s no waking up with alarms for me, which is great. And working from home means I don’t have very big commute also, I’m second in line for call pickup for the frontline support, so interruptions are often part of my day, and I can be working on different projects onboarding new clients. So, it’s really quite varied, so my day isn’t, as I said, typical.  


What is a fun fact about you that others might not know?  

I have a diploma in Creative Technologies, majoring in NSine Arts, so that makes me a bit of a left and right brain type person. I recently set up an art studio for some escapism, but unfortunately, I don’t really get out there enough. 


What is the best career advice you have ever received?   

I would say the best career advice that I’ve ever been given was actually from my lawyer. When I was unhappy in a previous vai diễn, she said to me, if you don’t enjoy your job, find an outlet outside of work and focus on the enjoyment from that. Not every job you take on is going to be perfect for you. And I’ve always remembered that advice. Although, of course, I’m happy now! 

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