Dự án xây dựng ở Bangkok, Thái Lan

Thailand’s capital is teeming with new construction projects. Located between the mountains of Northern Thailand and the beaches and waterfronts of Southern Thailand, Bangkok is a transportation hub—both in Thailand and regionally throughout Asia. 

Since the population is growing very quickly, residential construction projects have really taken off, especially high-rise condos. To keep this city moving, large infrastructure projects such as the MRT system have been announced.  

As Thailand’s financial capital, the number of office construction projects in Bangkok has increased, especially in comparison to the number just 5 years ago. Many other construction sectors are growing here, including hospitality and healthcare. 
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We have several thousand Bangkok construction leads in our online construction database, and there is an unbelievable amount of activity happening in and around the city.  

Among the many infrastructure plans in Bangkok, residential projects are the most common. An example of this is the Sathorn Unique Tower, one of the most prominent examples of residential construction projects in Bangkok. Another is the MRT system which is one of the highest profile infrastructure projects in the area.  

To access this information, simply narrow down your project search by sector, location and value; identify opportunities that are the most relevant to your business; track your progress for each individual project across every step of the sales process.
  1. Phát triển dân cư ở Bangkok

    The simplest way to differentiate between residential and commercial developments is to establish if the project is meant as a home or intended for business purposes. Think houses, apartments and retirement villages for residential projects, and offices, hotels and shopping centres as commercial builds. 

    Some residential projects to look out for in Bangkok include: 

    125 Sathorn (PID 84319008): Valued at just under 4,500m THB, this luxury residential build will feature 756 units over two 36-storey buildings. 

    Regent Home Bangna (PID 111117008): Valued at approximately 3,400m THB, the Regent Home Bangna will have 5,007 units over four towers.   

    Smart Community (PID 92340008): Developed by the Port Authority of Thailand, the Smart Community in Khlong Toei is valued at approximately 7,500m THB and will feature 6,144 condominiums.  

  2. Phát triển văn phòng tại Bangkok

    The inaugural Asia’s Best Awards by Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia listed Bangkok as the number one city in Southeast Asia. While the awards focussed on hotels, restaurants and bars, Bangkok has plenty of other developments underway that are worth paying attention to: if not One City Centre Bangkok, an office complex development located in Ploenchit, central Bangkok, then One Bangkok, a fully-integrated district in the heart of the city.  

    One Bangkok (O4 & H4) (PID 91957008): As just one of five office towers, this particular tower will stand at 92 storeys and is valued at approximately 2,200m THB. 


  3. Infrastructure Advancement in Bangkok

    The construction industry is a major contributor to the Thai economy; Bangkok alone has a number of mixed-use developments planned or already underway.

    To add to Thailand’s infrastructure update, investments in transport infrastructure projects will continue to be the most beneficial for the country, specifically new traffic lanes and road sections which will improve connectivity between the capital city and neighbouring provinces. 

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