Construction Leads in Cambodia and Myanmar

Generating construction leads in Cambodia and in Myanmar has never been easier than with BCI Central. Cambodia have achieved steady economic growth over the past few years; the renewable energy sector is a profitable opportunity for foreign investment. While Myanmar continues to adjust to political instability, the economy is expected to gradually recover, supported by investment in transport infrastructure, energy generation and housing infrastructure projects.  One prime example of development in Cambodia is Dragon Land (PID 21661026), a high-end residential community in Phnom Penh that is expected to be completed in late 2023.   With hundreds of projects, Southeast Asia is one of the most active regions in our online construction database. 
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Access the latest construction project information in Cambodia and Myanmar

Whether you're looking for leads in Yangon, Myanmar or construction projects to bid on in Siem Reap, Cambodia, you are sure to find the information you need with BCI LeadManager.   BCI LeadManager enables clients to identify new sales opportunities, get in touch with key decision makers and track projects through the various stages of construction. With lĩnh vực dự án xây dựng spanning infrastructure to commercial, to industrial and more, accessing information is as easy as running a keyword search and filtering the results! 
  1. Phát triển ở Đông Nam Á

    The construction industry in Southeast Asia has come a long way, and it continues to develop at quite a rapid pace, with Malaysia and Thailand among the countries demonstrating the strongest growth. Some notable upcoming projects in Southeast Asia that are bound to make an impact on the region include, but are not limited to:

    NShe Jakarta – Bandung HighSpeed Railway (PID 201399002; 198567002; 199131002), the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

    Long Thanh International Airport (PID 97666011), the planned second airport of Ho Chi Minh City

    And the Giant Sea Wall Jakarta project (PID 222658002), planned to protect the city from rising sea levels and from sinking due to groundwater depletion. 

Search for Construction Companies Working on Projects in Cambodia and in Myanmar

More than just projects, BCI Central is the database to use when you want to find and track companies. Search for architects, designers, engineers, technical consultants, services consultants, main contractors and builders, subcontractors, developers, property managers and more.  

Our notifications feature will tell you if your key accounts are newly linked with a project at any given time, so you can get in touch at exactly the right moment. We also support the ability to filter your results by company role; so, when you’re looking for construction stakeholders in Cambodia, Myanmar or anywhere else, be sure to use BCI’s comprehensive database. 

Ready for new construction leads? Get started with BCI LeadManager, today! 

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