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With hundreds of building projects, the Philippines is one of the most active regions in our database. Look no further than its capital city, Manila, to see just some of the infrastructure plans underway. Some of the most exciting projects include the Metro Manila Skyway, an elevated highway construction project situated in the main expressway in Manila, and Estancia Mall, which is a great example of a luxurious yet spacious retail shopping construction.
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Looking to generate construction project leads in the Philippines? BCI has all the sự thi công information you could ask for. Whether you are looking for construction các công ty in the Philippines, hoặc just in Manila, like Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, join the growing number of satisfied clients who use BCI, hôm nay!
  1. Major Construction Projects in Manila

    Whether it be the Manila Hotel, the country’s first five-star hotel; the San Juanico Bridge, one of the country’s longest steel bridges; or the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, a popular venue for national and international exhibits and performances, the Philippines has a number of iconic buildings that have been built over the years. 

    Today, a huge number of projects are underway in the infrastructure, residential, office and retail sectors. Looking to the National Capital Region of the Philippines, otherwise known as Metropolitan Manila, residential projects appear to be one of the most popular types of construction, with over 600 active projects in the area, a number of which are high-rise condominiums. Other areas of interest include Metro Manila’s infrastructure and transport projects, for example, the Metro Manila Subway Project (PID 64698004) which will be operational towards 2028. 

    Construction lead generation shouldn’t be a time-consuming activity. With BCI LeadManager, you can find and track projects and companies that are most relevant to you and your business. Our detailed search filters mean you can narrow down results at just the click of button, so you can focus on closing project leads rather than trying to find them in the first place.  

  2. Xây dựng khu dân cư ở Thành phố Quezon

    There are currently over 2,700 residential projects underway in the Philippines, a large number of these being apartments, townhouses and condominiums. Demand for housing near CBDs and educational centres is picking up again, especially now that COVID restrictions have eased and, consequently, businesses have begun reopening. 

    Quezon City, or the ‘City of Stars’, is the most populated city in Metro Manila; there are plenty of residential project leads to be found. The top three residential Quezon City construction projects, ranked by their total value include: 

    The Orabella (PID 101758004): The Orabella, a 45-storey residential development featuring 976 condos, promotes a sense of exclusivity and comfortable living in one tower. Developed and built by DMCI Project Developers, this project is expected to finish construction in August 2023.  

    The Signature Skyway (PID 42938004): Plans are in progress for The Signature Skyway, a 38-storey condominium building designed by ASYA. With a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities, this project is valued at an estimated 693.47m PHP. 

    My Enso Lofts (PID 109798004): Construction has commenced on My Enso Lofts, a 53-storey residential building featuring over 1,000 condominiums. Developed by PH1 World Developers and built by Megawide Construction Corporation, the project is expected to be completed in Q3 2025. 

    DMCI Project Developers and Megawide are not just two of the top construction companies in Quezon City, but they rank in the top three builders in the Philippines for residential projects by total value of those projects. Also included in the top three is Archipelago Builders.  

  3. Major Construction Projects in Cebu

    Cebu is the largest island in the Visayas region; ‘The Queen of the South’ contains six major cities, one of which, Cebu City, is the second largest city in the Philippines with a lively commercial and industrial hub. Cebu and Manila are often compared to one another, with plenty of real estate opportunities to be found in both locations. The greatest value of work in Cebu can be attributed to projects in the infrastructure sector, closely followed by the residential sector. Similarly, when looking at the total value of projects in Manila, the residential sector comes in second on the list while the office sector holds the greatest total value of projects.  

    As Metro Cebu’s population grows, so does the traffic congestion. Addressing the existing and future traffic demand is the Metro Cebu Expressway (PID 92328004), a 73.8km highway that stretches across the entire metro area and into neighbouring cities.  

    Another major Cebu construction project is a six-storey mixed-use complex developed by SM Prime Holdings (PID 76390004). Featuring a convention centre, arena, food outlets, shops and more, the project is valued at an estimated 72 billion PHP. In Lapu-Lapu City, plans are underway for the construction of a new Cebu-Mactan Bridge (PID 99408004). This project will include a bridge and coastal road, spanning 3.3km and 4.9km respectively and is expected to commence construction in early 2023. 

  4. Infrastructure Advancement in the Philippines

    Strong governmental support, increased funding and investment has seen the Philippine construction industry make leaps and bounds in its recovery from COVID shutdowns. Key construction sectors, by the total number of projects in each sector, include residential, infrastructure, retail, office and utilities. However, looking at the most popular construction type by project value, the utilities sector comes out on top. 

    In terms of infrastructure, the top construction project, ranked by project value, is the Cebu-Mactan Bridge in Lapu-Lapu City (PID 99408004). Other noteworthy projects include: 

    South Commuter Railway Project (PID 110825004): Offering quick, affordable and sustainable transport in the Philippines, the South Commuter Railway Project will link Metro Manila with Laguna province. The Asian Development Bank is financing civil works for the stations, bridges, tunnels and depot buildings associated with this railway. 

    Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway (CTBEX) (PID 98910004): This project, currently in the Concept stage of development, will see the construction of a two-by-two lane carriageway with a total length of approximately 50km. It aims to provide a free-flowing link between Metro Manila, Cavite and Batangas.  

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