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Industrial Sector Snapshot Report in Australia 2023

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There is increasing demand for high-quality industrial space within a reasonable proximity from major customer bases, resulting in a redevelopment theme in the sector. Some owners are demolishing older stock and rebuilding warehouses that meet the needs of their tenants: automation-ready with the sustainability features needed to meet net zero carbon commitments. 

Industrial Construction Sector Analysis in Australia 2023 

As of July 2023, BCI is reporting on over 3,500 active industrial projects in Australia, worth approximately 64 billion AUD. Warehousing and logistics projects take up the lion’s share of construction activity in the sector, with workshops, agricultural, manufacturing and processing facilities and more also in the pipeline. The majority of industrial builds (73.83%) are at the Design & Documentation stage of the development pipeline. Approximately 50% of the total value of industrial projects can also be attributed to work at Design & Documentation, where development and building approvals are submitted and assessed by the council or relevant consent authority.  

While WA has the lowest number of active industrial projects across the country, the state boasts the highest total value of work, with an impressive 21.62 billion AUD. Comparatively, NSW/ACT has the highest number of projects (1,475), but the total value of these come in at just over 17.42 billion AUD. 

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  • PID: 46822021 
  • Giá trị gần đúng: 500M AUD  
  • Loại hình dự án: Glass Manufacturing & Recycling Facility 
  • Sector: Công nghiệp 
  • Giai đoạn: Tài liệu thiết kế 
  • Địa điểm: Gold Coast, Queensland 

*All values as of 24 July 2023 

Key Market Players in the Industrial Sector 

Our Sector Snapshot report ranks the leading developers, architects and builders based on their total construction project value over the past 12 months, as reported by BCI Central. Woodside Energy Ltd – Headquarters, SBA Architects Pty Ltd, and FDC Construction & Fitout (NSW) Pty Ltd ranked as the top developer, top architect and top builder respectively.  

Discover the complete list of the top 3 developers, architects and builders in our industrial sector snapshot report in Australia 2023. 

Industrial Construction Leads & Project Database 

BCI LeadManager offers comprehensive information on the projects undertaken by the top developers, architects and builders in the industrial sector. Additionally, BCI Analytix provides in-depth analysis of construction activity by sector, stage and location, as well as the sector’s prominent market players.  

For further details, download your copy of the BCI Sector Snapshot: Industrial. 

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